This is The End

I’m sorry, but for reasons I will not explain, I’m ending the site.

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The Fictional Venture Is Complete!

For those who have been reading it, my made-up story is finished. At least now I can focus on writing reviews and tactics!

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Swarmfire pics!

Well, I guess that confirms the name of the new Dart Tag Blaster. Kudos to Urban Taggers for the pics.

Looking at those, I’m excited about this new “other” gun that is featured, I’m guessing that’s some sort 0of clip there. I’d be very happy if you could put a Swarmfire stock on it. I can’t wait tpo see the N-Strike and N-Force for 2011………..

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Apparently, that’s the official name for the Dart Tag 20. I guess it fits with the furyfire, stormfire, strikefire, and hyperfire. Whichever way round, Nerf for 2011 is lookin’ good.

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Review: Longshot CS-6

Well, my first update in donkey’s, hope you like it.

Name: Longshot

Type and Capacity: CS-6

Weapon Category: Sniper/Range Rifle

History: The longshot was the first CS gun. There had been earlier nerf guns with clips, but the longshot was the first on the current style. It was originally releaed in blue with yellow clips, and was then re-released in the colour scheme you see above. It’s even been made in red! The longshot was hugely purchased, and it is the most consistent and reliable gun out there.

Darts: Streamlines only (duh……..).

Range: Direct plunger system making it second only to the Titan. About 10% more than a nitefinder.

Cocking Mechanism: A realistic, fluid (bolt?) you pull back to load a clip, load, push forward, fire, and repeat until clip is empty.

Comments: Wow. I LOVE this gun. The “features” are great. The stock is adjustable, the scope is my favourite one out there, the bolt action is fun and bipod is useful. I’ll say this almost straight away: the front gun sucks. Get rid of it in whatever way possible. The gun looks better and performs better without it. Ok, back to the review: the longshot’s ranges make it an ideal primary, I reccomend it. Trust me.

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Update Lack

Sorry, it’s just hard to maintain an online blog as well as homework and other things. I’ll try to update soon with a review though.

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Review: Raider CS-35

Ok, the first non-viewer review in a while. I though I might treat you with a raider review.

Name: Raider

Type and Capacity: CS-35

Weapon Category: Assault Rifle

History: The Raider was memorably released on the 9th of September, 2009, or why it’s memorable: 09/09/09. There was huge hype. A gun that could have single fire or slam-fire? Some were disappointed by the range and jamming issues, but it was still the best-selling first day of release nerf had known at the time. The raider is still a hugely popular primary.

Darts: Constantly mashed-up streamlines.

Range: On new darts, just more than a recon. The more crushed the darts, the worse the range gets.

Cocking Mechanism: The raider was the first of two (so far) slam-fire capable guns. It works like this: for single shot, it is like most other CS guns: pull the handle back, insert clip, push handle forward, pull trigger to fire. Multi-shot is a bit different. You pull handle back, insert clip, pull and hold trigger, and “slam” handle back and forth (tip: to almost get rid of jam possibilities, slam it ALL THE WAY, REALLY HARD).

Comments: Ok, the raider is a gem – IF you treat it well. If so, it will be one of the best primarys you’ll ever come across. If not, it will be a worthless piece of plastic that lasts one month.  Ok, before I get onto the gun itself, I’ll talk about the other stuff. The stock is indisputably the best stock out there. I prefer to have it at second-longest length. As for the drum: buy it just for this, if need be. The drum is awesome. Thirty-five darts, in any nerf game, is invaluable. And now to the gun itself. The cocking mechanism is easy, even if you’re cautious and slam it all the way forward and back. The gun feels light, even with the drum, and is comfortable, with a firm grip that you’ll begin to know and love. The raider is probably in the top three current primaries, and if that isn’t enough, but it for the drum. I love this little powerhouse!

Hope you enjoyed that. Bit of a chore to write, I tell you.

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